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E/M 267: Entrepreneurship I: Co-Sense: Exploring the Edges

Co-Sense: Exploring the Edges

In this stage, we do market research in order to learn about what need our proposed enterprise might meet. This can include researching the industry our enterprise will compete in, conducting consumer surveys, organizing focus groups, and meeting with prospective clients.

Designing Surveys / Questionnaires

On the Designing Surveys/Questionnaires subpage, you can find resources on how to design effective surveys and questionnaires using established social science research methods.

Collecting Statistics

On the Collecting Statistics subpage, you can find a number of sources of data, including public opinion polling, demographic statistics, and business & economic statistics.

Researching an Industry

On the Industry Research subpage, you can access databases and other resources for learning about possible stakeholders in the business model your group is developing.

Conducting Interviews and Focus Groups

On the Conducting Interviews and Focus Groups subpage, you can find resources on qualitative research methods such as interviews and focus groups.

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