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ENG 101: Environmental Humanities: Finding Sources

Getting Started

Welcome to the research guide for your course! On this page you'll find tips, ideas and recommendations for finding sources - both in the library and beyond. Keep these questions in mind as you search - more info about how to search for these sources is on the page below:

  • What else have your authors written? They might have other works that relate to your texts. Google your author or go straight to the Library Catalog to locate materials.
  • What have scholars written about your texts or topics? Use keywords to search the Library Catalog and Article databases. 
  • What information has appeared in newspaper articles about your topic? Search Proquest US Newsstand (linked below) to get around paywalls and find current articles for free.
  • What other fields might study your topic? Browse the Research Guides and explore!

New to the Library?

If this is one of your first times using the library to conduct college-level research, have no fear! I've pulled together some additional resources that will help you get started & answer any questions you may have. You are more than welcome to email me with any questions that arise or to ask anyone who works in the library for help.

Make Your Searches Smart

There's a lot of published research. When you use a library database look for ways to make your life easier. Set up filters for

  • date (you don't need interpretations of literature that are shaped by out-of-date ideas)
  • subject (some databases cover everything - you may want to focus on literature)
  • audience (in some databases a limit to scholarly or peer-reviewed screens out magazine and newspaper articles)
  • format (in the catalog, try print book; in other databases try article to focus your search)

Finding Books

Search the Library Catalog to find books about your topic. If you need help locating books on the shelf, consult this guide (or ask anyone who works in the library - we're happy to help!).

Some things to know about the catalog: you can limit by year of publication, to print books, and (if you're greedy) search libraries worldwide and request books from other libraries. It takes a few days, but it's free.

Finding Articles

Use these resources to find articles - both scholarly and non - to find articles related to your topic. Tip: ProQuest US Newsstream will let you access newspaper articles from around the country, including today's papers!


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Resources from Other Fields

Since environmental studies is interdisciplinary, you might find resources on these pages to be useful, too:

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