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GEG 102: World Geography: Follow the Thing Project Resources

About this Page

This page includes possible sources for your Follow the Thing Project. It's a starting point for research--don't hesitate to ask a librarian for further assistance!

Geography & Interdisciplinary Academic Journals

Business / Industry Perspective Journals


These two databases may be especially useful for your project. Academic Search Premier includes scholarly, news, consumer, and trade publications. Business Source Premier includes business news, industry reports, and trade publications.

Websites of Manufacturers and Industry Associations

Search for websites of manufacturer or industry associations. For examples, see this list of over 2,000 professional and industry associations:

Industry Profiles

Organizations Focusing on Corporate Environmental and Social Rights Violations

Consumer Advocacy Groups

The links below provide lists of consumer advocacy groups and an example of a consumer advocacy group.

Environmental Groups

These are just a few examples of environmental advocacy groups and government agencies. You can search for other international, federal, state, local, advocacy, and environmental research entities.

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