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Careers in Librarianship and Archives: Welcome


This guide is a starting point for those considering a career in librarianship or archives. It includes information on our Gustavus Library internships, library advocacy and news, graduate programs in library science, and careers in librarianship. Looking for more information? Ask a librarian!

Talk to a Gustavus Librarian

We are happy to discuss a career in librarianship with you!

  • Rachel Flynn (x7429) MA, Library & Information Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2018
  • Julie Gilbert (x7552) Master of Library and Information Science, Dominican University, 2005
  • Anna Hulseberg (x7566) MS, Library & Information Science, University of Illinois, 1996
  • Jeff Jenson (x7572) Master of Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2006
  • Dan Mollner (x7569) MS, Library & Information Science, University of Illinois, 1985
  • Michelle Twait (x7563) MS, Library & Information Science, University of Illinois, 1999

Even if some of us graduated many years ago, we can use our connections to help you learn about current programs at a variety of universities. Don't be shy! Ask us.

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Librarians Making a Difference

Advocacy & Public Policy: As a librarian, you can have an impact on important issues, such as...


  • Book challenges
  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion in library resources, access, and workplaces
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Literacy
  • Right to privacy for library users
  • Public awareness of the impact of libraries

Public Policy:

  • Library funding
  • Strong, enforceable net neutrality rules
  • Affordable, high-capacity internet access
  • Copyright law that is balanced between the rights of the public and the interests of rights holders
  • No-fee public access to government information

For more information, see the American Library Association's Advocacy & Public Policy page.

Areas of Interest: This list of selected American Library Association Round Tables gives you an idea of some of the areas of interest in the library profession:

  • Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table
  • Film and Media Round Table
  • Games & Gaming Round Table
  • Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table
  • Intellectual Freedom Round Table
  • International Relations Round Table
  • Library History Round Table
  • Library Instruction Round Table
  • Map and Geospatial Information Round Table
  • Rainbow Round Table
  • Social Responsibilities Round Table
  • Sustainability Round Table

Advising Day @ the Library

Spring 2024 Advising Day: Tuesday, April 16th
The Library participates in Gustavus Advising Day every semester. Stop by to learn about our library internships, graduate programs in library science, and careers in libraries and archives. And enjoy Tea Tuesday (tea, cider, hot chocolate) and treats!

Gustavus Library Internships

Gustavus Library Internships: Internships are great way to learn more about a profession, gain some real-world experience, and find out if a career is right for you. If you're interested in academic librarianship or non-profit marketing, consider one of our Gustavus Library Internships.

Library & Information Science News

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