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HIS 110: Europe, 1000-1648: Creating a Website

About Creating a Website

For this class, you have been asked to create a website which examines the society depicted in your book.

The assignment requirements ask for specific content, while the only requirement regarding the format is that "All pages must utilize a consistent aesthetic style, including font, color scheme, layout, etc." and that there be an introductory page and four subsidiary pages.

A website that enables you to easily create web content (while mostly handling the formatting for you) is called a content management system (CMS). (These are also known as website builders.)

Some of the most common free-to-use CMS websites include Weebly, Wordpress,, TypePad, and Omeka.

These websites offer basic options for choosing templates and customizing the look of your website using built in menus.

Although you may not have time during this class to manually customize the formatting of your website, learning basic web design concepts (and widely-used web coding languages such HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP) is a valuable career skill with a wide range of applications.

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