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PHI 233: Philosophy Looks at the U.S.: Getting Started


According to your syllabus, in this course you'll "reflect, philosophically, on some of the defining conditions and events of the United States." This curated guide is intended to help you in that endeavor. I've pulled together resources for finding information in articles, books, encyclopedias, and primary sources collections.

Enjoy your research journey!  And don't hesitate to contact me at any point along the way for assistance: Anna Hulseberg,

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Fall 2021

Instructor: Lisa Heldke
Librarian: Anna Hulseberg

Independent Research Project: Selecting Your American Thinker

When you're ready to select an American thinker to explore for your independent research project, it can be helpful to look through your course textbooks and readings for ideas. Talk to your professor. Think about what topics and thinkers are most interesting to you, and chances are you'll find your project more engaging. Since your thinker may come from outside the traditional boundaries of philosophy (and disciplinary boundaries are often debated), this guide includes interdisciplinary sources that may be useful. If you need help along the way identifying secondary literature about your thinker, feel free to contact me - I love talking with students about their research!


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