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PHI 233: Philosophy Looks at the U.S.: Searching for Articles

About searching for articles

The links below are good places to find articles (and sometimes other resources) for your research. PhilPapers is our disciplinary database for philosophy research; the list below also includes links to PhilPapers subcategories relevant to your class. Additional databases below may also prove useful due to the interdisciplinary nature of the class. For instance, Academic Search Premier covers a broad range of topics (but you'll need to be sure to know the difference between academic and popular sources), and America: History & Life indexes history journals that may be of interest.

Searching for Articles: PhilPapers

Searching for Articles: Additional Databases

New Philosophy Journal

Journals List: Do We Have this Journal?

When you have a source with a bibliography, you can see if a particular article from the bibliography is available by looking the journal's name up at the link below. Then you can use the volume and date information to navigate to the article. If we don't have access to that journal, we usually can get it from another library.

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