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FTS: A Place Called Home: Research Resources


On this page you'll find specific library and online resources to help you with your group project. Be sure to consult the Evaluating Sources tab on this guide as well; it will help you determine the credibility and reliability of specific sources.

Reference Books about Migration

Reference books refer to works like dictionaries and encyclopedias. They are meant to be used within the library (so they can't be checked out). They provide an invaluable way to learn definitions and get topic overviews. All of these can be found on the main floor of the library on the Beck Hall side. Please ask at the Information Desk or Reference Desk if you need directions.

Here are some recommended books. Find more by browsing the shelves near the ones listed below and by searching the library catalog.

Recommended Online Sources

Here are a few online sources that will help you with your research as well. You'll want to study them carefully to make sure the information presented helps you fulfill your research needs. You're also encouraged to search for more online as well; the Evaluating Sources tab (above) will walk you through various ways of evaluating sources.

Library Books

Unlike reference books, the books listed in this section can be checked out. We have a guide to help you find books on the shelf, but please ask anyone at the Information Desk or Reference Desk if you need help. It can be a tricky system to figure out at first! Also note that this list isn't comprehensive. You can also search the library catalog to find more sources (use the search bar on the main page). These are just a few of the books available on immigration, migration, refugees and asylum seekers. Search the catalog for more!

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