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BIO 245: Conservation Biology: Citation Network

Citation Trace

Citations are a map of scholarly conversations over time. Tracing cited works is an effective way to tap into conversations and find great material that may otherwise be hard to find. 

To go back in time -

  • Is the citation to a book? Look up the book title n the library catalog.
  • Is it to a chapter of a book? Look up the book title (not the chapter title) in the catalog.
  • Is it a journal article? Check our list of journals.
  • Is it not available in our library? Request it by Interlibrary Loan.
  • Not quite sure what it is? Ask a librarian to help trouble shoot it.

To go forward in time -

Type the author and title of the book or article into Google Scholar. Click on "cited by" to see who has cited it since it was published.

Some library databases also offer this feature. The most comprehensive citation database is the Web of Science. Try a cited author search to get started.

Interlibrary Loan

Materials not available at Gustavus may be borrowed from other libraries and sent here for you to use. Location: Library -- Main Floor.

Conservation Biology Citations

APA Citations

MLA Citations

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