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BIO 245: Conservation Biology: Catalog & Databases


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These databases will help you find scientific research on topics in conservation as well as review articles.If the full text of an article isn't in the database, look for a yellow "find it" button or (in Google Scholar) click on "find it @ Gustavus." We can get articles not in our databases or print collection from other libraries at no cost to you.

You might also try searching for the article by article title and author on Google adding filetype:pdf, as scientists are increasingly reserving the right to make their research results available freely online. 

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When you have an article with references, you can see if a particular reference is available by looking the journal's name up at the link below. Then you can use the volume and date information to navigate to the article. If we don't have access to that journal, we usually can get it from another library.

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