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CLA 399: Classics Capstone: Classics Research Tools

Journals List: Do We Have this Journal?

When you have a source with a bibliography, you can see if a particular article from the bibliography is available by looking the journal's name up at the link below. Then you can use the volume and date information to navigate to the article. If we don't have access to that journal, we usually can get it from another library.

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Classics Toolkit

These three databases offer different approaches to finding classics scholarship. Classicists find them useful in different ways. 

Other Handy Tools

Though not specific to Classics, these resources may be helpful in your research.

Using Cited Sources as Clues

Every time you find a useful source, pay attention to the sources its author cites. This is a hand-picked list of relevant publications. It may be that you find more on-target sources in lists of works cited than by searching databases. 

To get your hands on these sources, first find out whether its available here. If it's a book or chapter of a book, search our catalog by the title of the book (not the chapter). If it's a journal article, check our Journals List, which will tell you if it's in one of our databases or in print downstairs. 

If it's not available here, request it through interlibrary loan. To do that, login from the library's main page, click on the ILL Requests tab, then select either book or journal for a blank form. Fill it out, and wait for an email that will alert you when the book or article has arrived.

Finding Abbreviated Journal Titles

TOCS-IN has a handy list of journal abbreviations that you may want to bookmark. 

Contact Jeff

Librarian: Jeff Jenson

Think of me as your librarian for this course. Feel free to get in contact with me about any research questions you may have. (And if your question is pressing, you are always welcome to talk with any librarian at the reference desk or consult with the students at the front desk if a librarian is not on duty.)


There are lots of ways to reach me. Email me with questions, stop by the library, or use the link below to set up an appointment. It's fast and easy to do:
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*Special thanks to Michelle Twait for creating this guide.
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