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GWS 236: Gender, Sexuality, and the Holocaust: Start

Doing Research Well

Research is an adventure. It's open-ended, exploratory, surprising, frustrating, and full of blind alleys and interesting side trips. It doesn't have to be lonely. Compare notes with your colleagues and take advantage of the friendly people sitting at the reference desk. We love to help you find what you're looking for.

Guide to the Guide (and to doing research):

  • If you're just getting started developing a topic:
    • Use the Reference Works for both the Holocaust & Gender Studies to get overviews of topics
    • Read the Search Tips
    • Start looking for Books & Articles
    • Draw on course readings for topic ideas
    • Talk with your classmates, friends, professor, librarian, etc.
  • As you progress in your research:
    • Refine your topic by reading books & articles in more depth
    • Keep searching for more resources as you narrow your topic, especially when you stumble across new search terms and concepts
    • Read Research as Conversation tab
  • Once you have a solid sense of your topic:
    • Conduct Bibliographic Traces to find other related sources who are in conversation with each other and the topic
    • Get help finding hard copies of sources with the Tracking Down Materials tab
    • Read up on Idea Mapping (under Search Tips) to help you figure out how to organize your work & identify any gaps you have
  • As you near a completed project:
    • Keep talking with classmates, friends, professor, librarian to address any gaps in your research
    • Be sure to Cite Your Sources carefully 
    • Utilize the Writing Center - they are an excellent resource for all writers



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Julie Gilbert
Hello! I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about research, an assignment, or the library in general, please contact me via email or make an appointment. You can reach any of the reference librarians at folke @ or via the Ask Us! button on the library's homepage.
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