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POL 110: US Government and Politics: Short Paper 2


Your assignment for Short Paper #2 is to choose one public policy issue recently debated (same time frame as Short Paper #1: since January 20, 2021) within the United States and analyze public opinion and interest group activity about this issue. In addition to the resources listed on the Short Paper 1 tab above, here are information sources that will help you explore public opinion and interest group activity.

Finding Public Opinion Data

Here are some recommended sources for finding public opinion data. Don't hesitate to reach out to a librarian if you're having trouble finding opinion data - it's not always the easiest thing to locate. Note that on some of these sites, you'll need to do additional searching to find public opinion data.

Finding Interest Groups

There are many ways to find interest groups. One simple one is to google your topic and "interest groups" to see what comes up. A more targeted way is to read newspaper articles about your topic.  More than likely, someone representing a particular interest group will be quoted. Pay attention to those organizations and then find them online. These resources might also help, although you'll have to do some additional digging:

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