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HES 227: Health Program Planning: Annotated Bibliographies & Literature Reviews

How do I do a literature review?

This guide from North Carolina A&T State University can help you understand the steps to take and factors to consider when writing a literature review.

Annotated Bibliographies

A handy guide with examples from the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Sample literature reviews

Aguilar, E., & Fried, J. (2015). Enhancing Dental and Dental Hygiene Student Awareness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Population. Journal of Dental Hygiene, 89(1), 11-16.

Fedewa, A. L. (2015). How Food as a Reward Is Detrimental to Children's Health, Learning, and Behavior. Journal of School Health, 85(9), 648-658.

Grekin, E., & Ayna, D. (2012). Waterpipe Smoking Among College Students in the United States: A Review of the Literature. American Journal of College Health, 60(3), 244-249.


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