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Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog with browsing shelf areas for your topic. Below is a brief listing of some of the subject locations in the field of Geology.

  • GB 400-649 Geomorphology
    • 651-2998 Water. Hydrology.
  • Q General Science
  • QE Geology
    • 351-399 Mineralogy
    • 420-499 Petrology
    • 500-625 Dynamic and Structural Geology
    • 640-699 Stratigraphic Geology
    • 701-996 Paleontology
  • S Agriculture
    • 590-599.9 Soils. Soil Science including soil chemistry, soil structure, etc.
  • TN Mining engineering. Metallurgy, including mineral industries

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