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FTS: Think Like a Scientist: Library Session Activities

Find Sources from Taubes's Bibliography

The item below is listed as one of the sources for Chapter 18, “The Nature of a Healthy Diet.” What type of source is it (article, book, etc.)? How would you acquire a full text copy of the source?

Foster, G. D., et al (2003). A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity. The New England Journal of Medicine, 348(21), 2082-90.

Locate a Book Related to the Topic of Taubes's Book

Working in pairs or small groups, you'll receive a citation for a book in our library's collection. Search the catalog to find the call number, locate the book on the shelves, and bring it back to the classroom.

  • What is it about?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What is the background or credentials of the primary author or editor?

Share the book with the class. If it would be helpful for your presentation, you can check it out (with your Gustavus ID card) at the Info Desk.

Explore Resources on Your Research Topic

For your research presentation, you'll be looking for sources to help answer your research question. As part of your presentation, you'll need to explain the research you did and detail the sources that you used. Start searching for helpful sources today. Some places to look:

  • Find sources from the bibliography at the end of Taubes's book
  • Search the research databases on this guide for articles
  • Search the library's catalog for books
  • Search for information on your topic from credible sources on the web
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