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NDL 202: Research Methods in Geochemistry: Searching for Published Research

Chemistry News from C&EN

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Important Databases for Scientists

The American Chemical Society produces the most complete and complex database of chemical literature, but there are others that can be part of your toolkit. Here are some options. It's worth your while to spend some time exploring Sci Finder because, while there's a learning curve, it's incredibly powerful and if you go on to further study in chemistry, you'll be glad you did. Below you'll also find specialized databases for biology, earth sciences, and geology, as well as general science databases.

People are like plants...

"People are like plants: they grow toward the light. I chose science because science gave me what I needed--a home as defined in the most literal sense: a safe place to be."

--Hope Jahren (Jahren Laboratory, Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry at the University of Oslo), Lab Girl, 2016

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