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FTS: Nero – Emperor, Artist, and Anti-Christ: Finding Secondary Sources

About Secondary Sources

For your assignment, you will need to find scholarly journal articles, also called peer-reviewed or refereed articles. These articles are written by scholars who are experts in their field, and reviewed by their peers (other scholars who are also experts in the field) before publication. Scholarly articles are one of the ways that academics, like your professor, share and discuss their research. Peer review is a way to ensure that the information in academic articles is reputable.

You can find articles from scholarly journals in the databases that the library subscribes to. On this page, you will find a few databases that will be most helpful for this class.

Learn more about finding Articles and Choosing Sources.

On this Page

  1. Finding Books
  2. Finding Scholarly Articles
  3. Notable Journals

Browsing for Books

One of the best ways to find information is through browsing.  Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. Books in Classics are in several areas in the library (listed below).  Go ahead and peruse the shelves - you never know what you'll find!

  • B 108-708 Ancient Philosophy
  • BL 175-325 Natural Theology, Myth
  • CB History of Civilization
  • CC Archaeology
  • D History (General)
    • 51-95 Ancient
  • DE Mediterranean Region. Greco-Roman World
  • DF 10-298 Greek History
  • DG 11-365 Ancient Italy, Rome to 476
  • GN Anthropology
  • N Fine Arts (arranged by type of media, e.g. architecture, pottery, painting...)
    • 5300-7418 Art History
  • P Philosophy and Linguisitcs
  • PA Classical Languages and Literature
    • 227-1179 Greek Philology and Language
    • 2001-2915 Latin Philology and Language
    • 3051-4500 Greek Literature to ca. 600AD

The General, Reference, and Special Collections can be searched in the Gustavus Library catalog, available under the Search tab on the library homepage. (You can also use the search bar below.)

Search for Books, Music, Videos & More

Advanced search · Books, videos, and music

Some Useful Databases for finding Scholarly Articles

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