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Library FAQs: Building FAQs


Welcome to the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library! This guide answers a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the library, its services, and the support we offer all members of the community. We're here to help! 

If your question isn't answered on this guide, please contact us directly. You can call the Information Desk at 507-933-7557, the Reference Desk at 507-933-7567, or email us. If you have any suggestions for the library, please submit them via our virtual suggestion box. 

Library Hours and Location

When are you open?

Current library hours can be found here. Please note that hours tend to be shorter during breaks and over the summer months.

How do I get to the library?

You can find campus and driving (and parking!) maps here. Note that our official name is the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library.

Printing and Copying

Where are the library printers?

There are printers on all three levels of the library, including outside the Eclassroom on the main floor. For more information about printing, visit the GTS Printing resources page.

How do I make a photocopy in the library?

The printer outside the Eclassroom, which is on the main floor, directly across from the entrance, can be used to make copies.

Library Users

Do I need to be a Gustavus student or employee to use the library?

Not at all! We welcome community members and visitors to our facilities. Local residents can apply for a community borrowing card at the Information Desk (please bring proof of residency). And anyone who walks in the door can search any of our databases at our public terminals on the main floor. 

Library Building

How is the building laid out?

The building maps (bottom of the page) show you what's where within the building. Additionally, there's a directory inside the main entrance. Our Accessibility Services and Materials guide provides more details about spaces. Finally, all library employee are happy to give directions - just ask at the Information Desk (locating at the main entrance).

Where are the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are on all three floors, along the east wall (chapel side) between the stairs and the windows/carrels. The handicapped accessible bathroom is on the top floor. The nearest gender neutral bathrooms and a lactation station can be found in the Campus Center, which is attached to the Library.

Does the building have an elevator?

Yes! Find it on the main floor just past the Information Desk, which is located just inside the entrance. Information Desk workers can direct you further. 

Where can I study within the library?

Just about anywhere! You'll find a variety of study spaces on all three floors, ranging from tables to carrels to couches. Private study rooms are located on all three floors on the south/Olin Hall side of the building. 

How loud are the study spaces?

Spaces on the main and bottom floors tend to have a normal level of noise and are suitable for group study or for individuals who prefer ambient noise while studying. For those who prefer a quiet atmosphere, the top floor is designated as the Quiet Floor.

Where are particular rooms located?

  • AV I and II are on the lower level, in the northeast corner closest to the student union.
  • The Library Conference Room is near the front doors; turn right before passing through the security gates.
  • Rooms 101, 201, and 301 are round rooms in the southeast corner of all three floors (chapel side, at the back); 107, 207, and 307 are in the opposite corners (Beck Hall side, at the back).
  • The Eclassroom (Library 219) is locate directly opposite the main entrance.
  • The Special Collections and Rare Books Room (SCRB) is located to the right of the Eclassroom.
  • The BI2 classroom is located on the main floor in the back, overlooking Olin.
  • The College and Church Archives are upstairs, just above the Information Desk.
  • Librarians offices are on all three floors - ask at the Information Desk for directions to librarian offices.

Can I reserve library rooms and if so, how do I do that?

Yes! You can check availability and reserve a room in the library for a small group meeting or a class here. The single-user private study rooms at the back are first come-first served.

Library Staff

How do I contact library faculty and staff?

Our employee directory and links to various departments can be found here.

Food & Drink

Can I bring food into the library?

Absolutely! You are welcome to bring food and drink into the building. You can find recycling and trash bins throughout the building. We also offer a compost bin and a Gustieware return bin in the foyer.

Where can I find a water fountain?

There's a place to fill water bottles on the wall near the bathrooms on all three floors.

Drinking fountains are located at the back on all three floors, half-hidden behind wooden panel/bulletin boards..


Do you have a pair of scissors I can use? Or some tape?

Sure! You can borrow basic supplies like scissors, tape, staplers, paper cutter, and three hole punches at the Information Desk and the station near the printer on the main floor (directly across from the entrance). You can also check out dry erase marker kits at the Information Desk.

What about tech supplies?

We have a range of items to support your technology needs, including portable DVD players, digital cameras (2), headphones and Macbook chargers, all available to borrow at the Information Desk. 

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