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Fall 2020 reference (research) help:

Research in Statistics

Finding statistics can be frustrating, challenging and exciting.  You will not find everything you're looking for in a neat and tidy package. Plan to spend a good deal of time sifting through sources to find the statistics you're looking for. Persistence and perseverance can pay off!

This guide is a starting point for materials both in and beyond our library; don't hesitate to ask a librarian for further assistance.

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Questions to Consider

When looking for statistics, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Who/what would collect statistics on my topic?
    Governments tend to collect many kinds of statistics as do news organizations, polling places, institutes, think tanks and researchers also collect data.
  • How would statistics on my topic be made public?
    You can find statistics in a number of places, both in print and online. Not every statistic is publicly available, however.
  • What possible barriers might prevent me from finding statistics on my topic?
    Statistics for your topic might not be public or available in a neat package. There might be language barriers. Data may simply not have been collected on your topic.
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