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Peer Reference Tutoring: Start

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Summer 2020 reference (research) help:

Peer Reference Tutoring

We are so glad that you will be working with us this semester as peer reference tutors!  You'll find your training information and practice exercises on this guide.

Remember, we don't expect you to have all the answers, so don't hesitate to ask a librarian if you get stuck (or to refer a patron to a librarian).

At the beginning of your shift...

  • Log on (if computer is not already logged on)
  • Change the gold sign to "Peer Reference Tutor Available"

At the end of your shift...

  • turn off the lamp
  • shut down the computer
  • change the gold sign to "Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk"
  • put the statistics sheet away in the drawer (in the 'Completed Stats Forms' folder)
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