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LAS 399: Senior Capstone: Catalog & Databases

Planning Your Research

Photo of South America from Encyclopedia Britannica

Your interdisciplinary research will require lots of exploring widely, following leads found in the sources you uncover, and circling back to dig some more.. As you plan your research, note down all the differentt search terms you might use. As you read, you'll discover better search terms, so be prepared to return to your favorite search engines to try again. 

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Search for Books, Music, Videos & More

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Interlibrary Loan

You will almost certainly need to use Interlibrary Loan. You can request books using the "find it" button or links or you can fill out a form. (See the other tab, above, for details.)

Use your Gustavus account to log in. Then check your email. A link for downloading articles will only be live for a week, but you can keep the articles forever. Books will be sent here and can be claimed from behind the front desk once they arrive. You can't keep them forever, alas.

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