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A Guide to Law: Start


Welcome to our guide on researching the law and law-related topics! Research within the law can encompass a variety of topics and require an intricate web of sources, depending on what you're researching. While none of the Gustavus librarians are law librarians, we are able to help you navigate the complex world of the law. Browse through the sources on this page and please reach out to any librarian for more help. 

We highly recommend these guides as well; please note that while we don't have access to every single source mentioned on these guides, you'll find a lot of listed material freely available online: 

If you need a refresher on using the library, consult our Library FAQs and an overview of the Library. We also have a guide on how to do research well - use it to brush up and expand your research skills!

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Research Help:

Finding Case Law (Court Opinions)

For more information on finding information about the Supreme Court, please consult the POL 390: Constitutional Law guide, in addition to the following resources:

Recommended Websites

Virtually all court decisions are public record, making it easy to find them online.  Browse the resources below to locate pertinent information on the law, including decisions.  The list is by no means comprehensive.

Finding Law Reviews and Articles

Law reviews can be found in a couple of databases (in particular Academic Search Premier and JSTOR). Explore those and the other ones listed for any kind of research you're doing related to law.

Research in Law

This guide points toward some of the state, national, and international statutory, regulatory, and case law available in the library and through the Internet, as well as to reference books exploring legal issues. Legal information has its own organization and traditions, and it is constantly being updated, reinterpreted, and changed. 

Constitution of the United States Minnesota State Capital

Photo credits: United States Constitution - State Capital -

Finding Statutes

Finding Regulatory Law

Finding Legislation

You'll be able to access many government documents online, although it gets a little trickier the farther back you go, as not everything has been digitized. These resources will point you to on legislation at both the federal and state levels.



Additional Government Resources

You can also search the Gustavus Library catalog for other government documents, both in print and online. We're a selective Federal Repository Library (bonus - scroll to the bottom of this page for more links on finding government documents).  The links below will also have some information.


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Hello! I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about research, an assignment, or the library in general, please contact me - (jgilber2 @ You can also reach any of the reference librarians at folke @ or via the Ask Us! button on the library's homepage.


Here's a sample of books in the reference section (main floor, Beck Hall side) that can help define terms and provide overviews of legal topics. Be sure to browse the entire K section to find more.

Specialized Reference Sources

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