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What Can the Library Do for You?: An Overview


Collaborate with Us

Does your office or department have an information need? Is there a question your office is studying and you need to compile resources? Is there a program or service you want to offer students and you think the Library would be a good partner?  We offer many services to offices and departments and are always open to collaborations.

Please contact us to talk more about your ideas and needs. We'd love to brainstorm and forge stronger relationships across campus. Here are some examples of what we've done:

We collaborate with faculty already, but we want to strengthen those relationships, too. Here are some faculty resources: 

Find Something Fun to Read or Watch - near main entrance

Find something fun to read or watch in the Nonrequired section at the entrance


While we sometimes think that an academic library exists only to help students with their research, the Gustavus Library offers a wide range of benefits for all members of the Gustavus community. Want to read the latest bestseller? Curious about ways your office or department can collaborate with us? Or maybe you have a research question of your own? Whatever your need, we're here to help. This guide will give you a sense of the services and resources we provide for all Gustavus employees.

When we work with students, our biggest message is this: if you have a question, ask. We extend this same invitation to you - please don't hesitate to contact any library employee with any question.

Above all, we want to hear from you! Is there anything the Library doesn't have that you'd like us to add? Are there things in the Library that you'd like to know more about? Use this form to tell us anything you'd like us to know. We can't wait to hear from you!

Do Research

"Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one." -Neil Gaiman

In most areas of life, we encounter research needs. It might be as simple as needing to look up the quickest route to take to the grocery store. Or it might be a more complex research question related to your area of expertise. Maybe you are investigating how other institutions handle a particular issue related to your work. Or you're wondering about best practices related to your field. Or you're trying to discover the most current research on a particular topic. Our reference services and resources are meant to help all members of the Gustavus community, whether you are doing traditional scholarly research or not. Here are a number of ways we can help:

  • Connect with a librarian. This is the single most useful resource we offer - the ability to talk with an information professional about any and all research needs. Library faculty members are experts in helping you find reliable information as efficiently as possible. Contact any of us -via email, phone, in person - whenever you have a research need, no matter what you're working on. We are here to help.
  • Research Guides. These guides are invaluable resources for helping you conduct research in a given area. Prepared by librarians, each guide contains custom recommendations for ways and places to search.
  • Quick Answers. Got questions about the library and library services? Start with our Quick Answers guide!

Use our Facility

We have many smaller gathering spaces that can be reserved or used on a first-come, first-served basis. Use this link to explore our available spaces.

College and Lutheran Church Archives

The College and Lutheran Church Archives, located on the third floor of the Library, contains a of wealth of information about Gustavus history. Browse the online collections or stop by and visit in person!

The College and Lutheran Church Archives also oversees Gustavus' Records Management program.

Follow Us!

Want to keep up to date with all Library happenings? Connect with us on social media:  FacebookTwitterInstagram

You can also follow our blog, Folkelore, by reading the most recent posts on the Library's homepage or subscribe and get the latest news delivered straight to your inbox!

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Read for Fun!

Did you know the Library contains a substantial fiction collection? We also buy many popular nonfiction titles. You can find recreational reading materials in a number of places:

  • Nonrequired section (also known as the Browsing section) located near the Library's entrance. Find new fiction & nonfiction books here.
  • New Books shelf located near the Library's entrance. Browse all of our new arrivals - it's a great way to get a sense of wide variety of subjects our community studies. Or check it out online!
  • P call number section on the top and main floors. Most of the fiction is shelved here. It's not the easiest section to browse, since books are grouped by geographical area and time period, but you can find some gems by exploring the shelves.
  • Young Adult section located on the bottom floor, Olin Hall side of the building. Check out our growing collection of young adult books!
  • Childrens section located adjacent to the Young Adult section. A great spot to pick up a childhood favorite for yourself - or a young person in your life.

Use your Gustavus ID to check out materials. at the Information Desk. And check out our Reading Resources guide for recommendations and suggestions on ways to discover your next great read. 

Did you know you can also order recreational reading books from another library via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)? Our ILL page walks you through the process. *Note that books in high demand, like recent bestsellers, might be difficult to obtain. Keep your local public library in mind, too.*

Is there a book we don't have that you think we should? Use this form to suggest it!

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