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GWS 248 / PHI 248: Gender, Knowledge & Reality: Start


Welcome! This guide provides a starting point for exploring resources in gender, knowledge and reality. For help brainstorming search strategies and any other aspects of your research, e-mail librarian Anna Hulseberg at or visit our Ask Us! page for more options.

Ask Us!

Research Help:



1. Welcome & introductions

2. Brainstorming topics

3. Resources (books, scholarly & news articles, primary sources)

4. Tracking Down Sources

5. Exploration Time!


1. Gain familiarity with and practice using resources in feminist philosophy.

2. Explore sources to help you prepare (or become better prepared!) for selecting readings later in the semester.


About Research

Research isn't a linear, predictable process. We often hit roadblocks. Our search terms don't yield the results we hoped for. We find a great article but it's in a language we don't read or speak. We can't seem to find enough sources to answer our research question.

The problem is not hitting obstacles, it's giving up when we do. Research requires us to be flexible and adaptable. Above all, it requires us to persevere through roadblocks. Research is iterative, not linear. This means as we gather information, we're also refining our research topic or question. We then see which information gaps we have, so we then do more research to find additional sources, and then repeat the process further. It can be messy but exciting. It requires time, patience and perseverance.

When you hit stumbling blocks, take a step back, assess your search approach, and try something new. And please contact a librarian with any issues - we can help you solve them!


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