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GWS 244: Black Women in Europe: Finding Articles


In general, you'll find articles that fall into two categories: articles written by scholars for other academics and students (or what we call scholarly sources) and more accessible sources that are written for a general audience. In both cases, you want to make sure you're finding articles written by experts. Typically in academia, we define experts as those who have studied a topic in depth and have earned degrees. We can also talk about expertise in other ways, especially in terms of lived experience. Keep these concepts of expertise in mind as you search. 

News Sources

You can certainly use Google to find news sites, but you'll likely hit paywalls. Instead try searching these databases, which provide access behind newspaper paywalls. 

Special Issues of Scholarly Journals

You may come upon special issues of journals dedicated to topics of interest such as the example linked below. You can request copies of articles from this journal using the yellow "Find It!" button in the database:

Special issue on European BIPOC Feminisms, Meridians: Feminisms, Race, Transnationalism, April 2023, volume 22, issue 1


Scholarly Articles

Some of these databases will contain sources that are both scholarly and also those written for a more general audience. Some databases will also have working papers or reports, data, and maps. Be sure that you know which type of source you're using (this Source Types page will help you decode sources). I also strongly encourage you to read the descriptions for each database and be sure to use ones that provide coverage for your topic.

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