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GWS 244: Black Women in Europe: Finding More Sources

Additional Resources

On this page, you'll find an assortment of online resources that will help you further your understanding of course material. Note that this is a living document, meaning that I'll be adding resources throughout the semester. Here's a sample of some of the organizations and first-person accounts that you might find useful.

BONUS - if you find any to add that you think your classmates would use, send the link to me via email ( and I'll add it. 

Additional Resources

Here is a (not comprehensive) list of online resources that may be of interest as you conduct research and further explore course topics. These - and other sources that you might find through a google search - can help you explore context and dive into the questions that people are discussing related to Black women in Europe.

These kinds of sources can give you ideas about search terms and might also quote or interview scholars, who you could then look up in one of our databases or the library catalog. Above all, they help you figure out what people are talking about when they talk about black women in Europe.

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