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GWS 244: Black Women in Europe: Start


Welcome! This guide provides a starting point for exploring resources for GWS 244. Since the course is interdisciplinary, you'll find many suggestions for various areas of study to explore. For research help, send an email (ahulsebe) or schedule an appointment with Anna. I enjoy helping you solve any research problems you have!

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Interdisciplinary Mindset

The topics you are covering for this course are broad, varied, and interrelated. As per your course description, topics include the following: immigration, race, class, gender, misogynoir, post-colonialism, Afro-feminism, Blackness in the French, Italian and Belgium national narratives; media representations; social media; forms of engagement in Black communities.

Lot of disciplines explore these topics through various lenses! In addition to the resources on this page, browse some of the guides below - depending on your topic - to discover additional resources:


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About This Guide

This guide was edited by Anna Hulseberg in Spring 2024. It was originally created by Julie Gilbert in 2022.

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