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NUR 202: Research and Ethics: Articles

Scholarly Articles in Nursing

This page points you to the major databases and journals for Nursing. You're going to want to focus your research time primarily on the resources on this page.

Be sure you're using a variety of search terms when you search. Often we use only one or two search terms, which means we may not find the full range of articles related to our topic. Once you find some good articles, pay attention to how the authors describe your topic. Use any new vocabulary you discover to conduct more searches in these databases to find related sources.

Contact Anna ( if you're having any difficulties with search terms or finding the full text of articles.

About Articles, Journals, and Databases

Articles:  Article are published in journals.

Journals: Journals are indexed in databases.

Databases: Most databases (such as CINAHL or PubMed) allow you to retrieve or request the full text of articles.

Journals List: Do We Have this Journal?

When you have a source with a bibliography, you can see if a particular article from the bibliography is available by looking the journal's name up at the link below. Then you can use the volume and date information to navigate to the article. If we don't have access to that journal, we usually can get it from another library.

Databases for Research in the Health Sciences

Additional Databases

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