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A Guide to Scandinavian Studies: Finding Books and Background Information

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Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog with browsing shelf areas for your topic. Below is a brief listing of some of the subject locations in the field of Scandinavian Studies.

  • BL-BX Religion
    • BL 860 Norse mythology
    • BR 970-1019 History of Christianity--Scandinavia
    • BX 8001-8080 Lutheran Church
  • D History: General and Old World
    • DK 445-465 Finland
    • DL 1002-1180 Finland
    • DL Scandinavia
  • E-F History: America
    • E 184 .S23 Swedes in the U.S.
    • E 184 .S2 Norwegians in the U.S.
    • E 184 .S19 Danes in the U.S.
    • E 184 .F5 Finns in the U.S.
    • E 184 .I3 Icelanders in the U.S.
  • G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
    • G 2050-2079 Atlases
    • GR 200-201.2 Folk-lore -- Finland
    • GR 205-226 Folk-lore -- Scandinavia
  • H Social Sciences
    • HC 341-380 Economic history and conditions
    • HN 540-580 Social history and conditions
  • J Political Science
    • JN 7001-7995 Constitutional histories
    • JV 8198-8229 Emigration and immigration
  • L Education
    • LF 4451-4607 Individual institutions in Scandinavia
    • LY PZ 50-60.8 Scandinavian children's literature
  • P Languages and Literatures
    • PD Scandinavian languages; includes dictionaries
    • PH Finnish literature and language
    • PT 7000-9999 Scandinavian literature


New Books from Scandinavia

The Nordic countries are bookish, and a surprising number of new books are published every year. For the curious English-speaker, these sites are helpful for discovering new books.

Swedish Book Review - also available in print; the website includes many articles and news about bestsellers drawn from Svensk Bokhandel.

Finnish-English Literary Cooperative - lists new and forthcoming books translated from Finnish.

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