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COM 117: Interpersonal Communication: Start


This guide will help you conduct research for this course, especially for your Article Presentation assignment and your Final Project. Use the resources on the tabs above, as well as the information listed below, to explore various places to search. 

If you are new to the library or need a refresher, consult our Library FAQs. We also have a guide on how to do research well - use it to brush up and expand your research skills! And since everyone can use a refresher on how to find books in the library, we have a guide for that, too.

Finally, be sure to also consult the research guide for Communication Studies, which will give you addition ideas and strategies for finding materials related to your topics. If your topic overlaps with another field, like management or psychology, browse our other research guides in your overlapping field to learn additional places to search. We also have a guide on how to cite your sources, so please consult that, too.

Finding Articles

To find articles, start with the Communication & Mass Media Complete database. It is the biggest database in the field of Communication Studies. You can also try some of the other databases listed. I've listed some from other fields that overlap with your topics. Read the database descriptions to make sure you know which field you're searching.

You will probably find a lot of information (but sometimes you find no information!). Be persistent, try various search terms, and above all, ask for help if you're stuck. Send me an email with any questions or to set up a time to meet.



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Julie Gilbert
If you have any questions about research, an assignment, or the library in general, please contact me. I look forward to working with you!

Class Slides

Here are the slides from our library class:

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