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Teaching Research to First-Year Students: Assignments for Students

Useful Links for Students

The Library's website has a number of useful links about our services and spaces. We encourage you to share these with students.

Gain Familiarity with the Library as a Space

The Gustavus Library is a popular study and gathering space for students. We have study spaces that fit a variety of preferences and needs, ranging from private rooms to the super quite third floor to group study tables. Here are some ideas to get students into the building itself and help them feel like the library is indeed their space. Bonus - the more familiar the students are with the space, the more comfortable they'll feel using library resources. 

Feel free to download and edit these assignment prompts:

FTS connections: the collaborative tour is an easy way to give students an experience speaking in front of their classmates.

Learn about Library Resources

Students also need to start seeing the Library as a place that provides the resources to help them do research well. These exercises and ideas encourage students to explore the wealth of information - and help - available to them. These ideas also provide a solid foundation that helps students conduct more sophisticated research.

FTS connections: Helping students connect with research materials - as well as librarians who can help them with their research - enables students to support their arguments.

Work with Sources

Students benefit from guided exposure to the basic formats in which scholars communicate. They need guidance learning how to work with sources. Here are some exercises and suggestions to use/adapt.

FTS connection: Helping students explore research materials equips them to both make and support arguments.

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