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Resources for Faculty: Streaming Video

Streaming Video

Below please find information on current licenses and important details about the availability of streaming licenses.

  • Current licenses:
    • Browse the catalog for Videos Currently Licensed for Streaming (expiration dates vary). If you want to incorporate one of these films into a class, direct your students to click the "View Now" button in the library catalog to view the film. Or contact to request a direct link to a film
    • Films on Demand History Collection: A collection of over 5,000 documentaries, educational videos, interviews, speeches, and newsreels covering the ancient world to the present day. You can use pre-made clips, full videos, and custom segments for teaching and learning. Tip: to limit your search by subtopic, use the filters at the top of the search results list.
  • Important notes on limitations to licensing streaming video:
    • While the Library will attempt to fulfill all streaming requests, please note that some requests cannot be filled due to issues of cost or availability.
    • In some cases the library will provide a DVD in lieu of a streaming license due to issues of cost or availability.
    • Many streaming services (including Netflix and Amazon Prime) do *not* offer institutional licensing for libraries; therefore, while there are some exceptions, most videos that are available only through one of those services would need to be accessed by students on their own individual accounts.
  • Streaming Video Request Form: Use this form to request pricing and availability of a streaming video for your class. Library staff will review your request and contact you about next steps.
  • Questions? Contact



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