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POL 399: Revolting Children: Start

Library Guide Overview

Welcome to your library guide for POL 399: Revolting Children. Refer to it often, as it covers necessary information at different stages of research.

I can't emphasize this enough - please contact me with any questions you have and/or if you simply want to bat around some ideas about your topic and how you'd research it. Multiple ways of contact me are listed beneath my photo to the right.

The Books tab provides an overview of how to search and find books in our library (in case you've forgotten), as well as ways to search for and access books beyond our library. Bonus - search the new catalog!

The Articles tab contains a number of recommended article databases.

Thinking About Sources comes to us from the POL 200 course page; ignore the exercise in the middle column, but refer to the material on evaluating sources.

Search Tips outlines various ways to search, including idea mapping and common mistakes to avoid.

Research as Conversation emphasizes that we do research by figuring out what the experts are saying about our topics, and then figuring out how our own research fits into the existing conversation. 

Bibliographic Trace is so important that you'll see it highlighted on other pages on this guide, as well as this one. Use this technique! 

Tracking Down Materials is your one-stop page for answering any and all of your questions about tracking down hard copies of materials, including an intro to our new ILL procedures. Now you have no excuse for not finding that perfect article. :)

Finally, Project Management offers tools and tips for keep track of sources and citation styles.



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Julie Gilbert
I love meeting with students and faculty to talk about your research, including any issues you have - or even if you just want to brainstorm. There are lots of ways to reach me. Email me with questions or use the old fashioned phone number below to contact me. Or stop by my office hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:30 (Library 215 - ask at the front desk if you need directions).
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