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POL 200 Library Guide

Welcome to the library resource page for POL 200: Analyzing Politics. Many of your assignments will rely on the information on this guide. Take some time to familiarize yourself with it. The library has a lot of resources, both within the building and online. You don't have to learn everything about academic research and library services, but the more you know about how to do research well, the more successful you'll be. The library is a key place to learn how to do that.

One important aspect of being good at research - in fact it might be the most important thing - is to know when and who to ask for help. You are always welcome to contact me (Julie). My contact information is below my picture to the right. You can email  me with your questions or you can contact me to set up a time to meet in person or virtually. Either works! 

Library Guide Overview

Here's a quick overview of what information you'll find on this guide:

  • Books: how to search and find books in our library (in case you've forgotten), as well as ways to search for and access books beyond our library. 
  • Articles: recommended article databases. Please search these in addition to searching Google Scholar. :)
  • Reference Works: points you to some encyclopedias and other works that provide excellent overviews of topics
  • Thinking About Sources: contains tips on evaluating and working with sources. 
  • Search Tips: various ways to search, including idea mapping and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Research as Conversation: outlines a more sophisticated way to think about research 
  • Bibliographic Trace: a key technique for exploring the research conversation on your topic 
  • Tracking Down Materials: info on ILL and other ways to find hard copies of materials.
  • Project Management offers tools and tips for keep track of sources and citation styles.


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Julie Gilbert
Hello! I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about research, an assignment, or the library in general, please contact me. You can also reach any of the reference librarians at or via the Ask Us! button on the library's homepage.
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