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Indigenous Peoples: Central and South America and the Caribbean

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Terras Lands
Audio Visual F2230.1.S68 T47 2009
"Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest, the twin cities of Leticia and Tabatinga and the village of Santa Rosa constitute a triple border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Beautifully photographed and researched, Lands explores the social and ecological impact of territorial limits, commerce and modernity on the lives of the local and indigenous population. ... Directed by noted Brazilian filmmaker Maya da-Rin, Lands maps out the demarcations that, although not always visible, are present in these people's daily lives. The borders, after all, are everywhere and nowhere in this land. In addition, the film looks at the concept of nationality and territorial limits, the relationship between urban cities and the Amazon, the contact between traditional indigenous cultures and contemporary modes of life, and the exchange between three South American countries."

The Mission
Audio Visual PN1995.9.I48 M57 2003
"An epic about a man of the sword and a man of the cloth who unite to shield the Guarani South American Indian tribe from brutal subjugation by 18th-century colonial empires."


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