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SCA 211: Diversity and Social Change in Scandinavia: Start

Doing Research on Nordic Diversity

Question-Driven Research

For your assignment, you will pose a question that hasn't already been addressed in class and will present research to deepen your classmates' understanding of the issue. 

You might begin by brainstorming ideas, seeing what others have written, and browsing available social data. As you do this initial work, your question is likely to change and sharpen. You may begin to articulate specific questions as well - how does this program work? how many people does this affect? what trends do the numbers show? - that you will have to pursue. You are likely to need multiple kinds of information

Background - basic factual information and context for understanding diversity in Nordic countries.You have probably gained a lot of this already through your course readings and discussion.

*Evidence - data, primary documents, examples of attitudes drawn from popular culture, etc.

*Analysis - research conducted by scholars or in-depth investigative journalism that provides informed ways to understand the issues.

Methodology - theoretical approaches that can be applied to understand many situations. You may have course readings that provide this kind of foundational grounding for your research.

You probably will focus your search primarily on finding evidence and analysis. This guide is intended to help you locate those resources, but remember - finding resources is a process of questioning, searching, and then sharpening your questions and looking again. Don't expect to find all of your sources at once or wait to read them at the last minute. Each valuable source is likely to kick up more questions and link you through citations to more relevant information. And in the end, you will be the ones drawing conclusions.



Requesting Books & Articles from Other Libraries

Your research is likely to lead you to sources not available in this library. Interlibrary loan makes it possible to get books in a few days and articles in as little as 24 hours. To request materials you will need to log in with the library number on your ID card (which starts with 20110....) and your last name. Then you will either need to submit a request through a database (using the FindIt button) or by filling out a blank form. These forms can be found by logging into your account and looking under ILL Requests (on the left-hand side of the screen).

You will get an email either to tell you a book is in (you can get it from the information desk) or to give you a link and a pin number to retrieve an article. Be sure to follow that link within seven days! They are taken off the server after a week.

Finding Social Statistics and Government Information

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Search for Books, Music, Videos & More

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Finding more research, critique, and interpretation

Sources for News

The Local is an English-language news source focusing on news and entertainment in a variety of countries. It includes three Nordic countries.

On Twitter, you can follow Nordic News (it's unclear who is behind this account, but it does provide links to breaking news) or for fun follow @Sweden, which features a new Swede every week.


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So This Reference Looks Interesting...

Now what do I do?

If it's a book, check our catalog. If it's not there, you can log in and fill out an ILL Request to borrow it from another library. Just fill out the fields with information from the citation.

If it's a chapter in a book, check our catalog by the title of the book, not the chapter title. If it's not in the catalog, request the collection through ILL. You might be able to get a scanned copy of the essay if you include the chapter title and page numbers.

If it's an article in a journal, check the title of the journal in our journals list. This will let you know if we have that issue of that journal in print or online. If it's not something we subscribe to, log in and fill out an ILL request to get a copy of an article.

Useful Google Hacks

Limit to recent information by choosing Tools > Anytime > your chosen time frame.

Limit to PDFs by adding filetype:pdf to the end of a search.

Search Google News or Google Images.

How's your Swedish? Try Swedish Google, Swedish Google Scholar or switch your Google News location from U.S. Edition to Sverige.

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