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HIS 141 / GWS 141: Women in the U.S.: Books

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Books are shelved in general subject categories using the Library of Congress classification system. You may want to supplement your use of the catalog book search with browsing shelf areas for your topic.

HQ The family. Marriage. Women

  • 12-449 Sexuality
  • 503-1064 Marriage and the family
  • 1101-2030 Women, Feminism
  • 1121-1154 history
  • 1180 women's studies
  • 1236 women and the state
  • 1381 women and economics
  • 1393 women and religion
  • 1402 - 1870.5 women in regions or countries


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Searching the catalog (above) will lead you to books at Gustavus.  It will also connect you with books at many other libraries in Minnesota (select All Libraries to search once you're in the catalog).  Explore these links to find books at other libraries & online.

Primary Source (Book) Materials in the Gustavus Library

To find primary source materials available in the Gustavus library, go to the Advanced Search in the library catalog.  In one of the search boxes, enter the word "source" and set the field to "Subject."  Then, enter keywords related to your topic in another box.  This search will bring back primary source materials that are in edited volumes.


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