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A Guide to Physics: Start


Welcome to the library guide for conducting research in Physics! Richard Feynman once said doing physics was like watching a chess game without knowing how to play, trying to figure out the rules through observation. This guide to resources in physics tries to make the library a less mysterious place by describing places to find information quickly and ways to delve deeper into the literature of the field. This guide will help you with all of those tasks.

We have a few other guides that might help you with your research:

Finally, don't hesitate to contact anyone - either in person or virtually - at the Information Desk or via Reference Services if you have any questions.

Research in Physics


Flash Simulation of a One-to-one Mass Ratio Galaxy Cluster Merger with an Impact Offset

Image courtesy of the Argonne National Laboratory

Reference Services

Librarians are here to help you with your research. We can suggest appropriate resources to search, help you troubleshoot any issues, or simply brainstorm about your topic and ways to explore it. We look forward to connecting with you!

There are multiple ways to connect with a librarian, ranging from in person to email to online meetings. Our Reference Services page has more information; here are the main options:

  • Drop in hours (ask at the Info Desk) - M-F 10:30-2:30
  • Make an appointment with me or any librarian.
  • Chat with a librarian (M-F 10:30-2:30) - or use the box below!
  • E-mail: (please include your name and the best way to contact you)
  • Fill out the Research Next Steps form; a librarian will respond with research suggestions and advice
  • Email Julie directly. I'm familiar with disciplinary sources (like article databases) in this area of study and happy to help you with your work.
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