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Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies: General Resources

About Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

Peace!Peace, Justice, and Conflict studies is an interdisciplinary field of study which addresses the problems of war, social oppression and violence, and the challenges of implementing nonviolent conflict resolution and social justice. This guide provides resources for researching topics in the various tracks that make up the Gustavus minor.

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Finding Articles

Browsing for Books

Because it is an interdisciplinary topic, books that relate to peace, justice, and conflict studies are in multiple areas.

  • BJ - Ethics
  • BL-BX - Religion
  • D - World History, Europe, Asia, Africa
  • E - F American History
  • H - Social Sciences (Economics, Sociology, Gender, Race)
  • J - Political Science
  • JC Political Theory
  • JZ - International Relations

Some of the subject headings in the catalog that relate to peace are:

  • Peace
  • War
  • War and Society
  • Conflict (Psychology)
  • Social Conflict
  • Conflict Management (used for Conflict Resolution)
  • Peace-Building
  • Disarmament
  • Social Justice
  • Security, International



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