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A Guide to Speculative Fiction at Gustavus Library: 1926-1950 : The Pulp Era and the Golden Age

A guide to speculative fiction created by Visiting Librarian Abe Nemon in 2021/2022.

1926 to 1950 : The Pulp Era and the Golden Age

Magazines and Primary Source Documents of SF Fandom

Online Resources

  • Luminist Periodicals Archive - offers access to digitized versions of numerous SFF magazines
  • Fancyclopedia - a wiki created by sf fans. Like Wikipedia, this is probably best used either to direct you to a more scholarly secondary source, or as a primary source representing ideas existing in fandom. Fancyclopedia 1 (the original) was published by Jack Speer in 1944, Fancyclopedia 2 by Dick Enney in 1959.

In the General Collection

Cover of Amazing Stories, September 1928, featuring a logo with script text reading scientifiction.

Amazing Stories, September 1928 cover, featuring the winning entry in a contest to design an emblem for "scientifiction" -

An ad promoting science fiction
in Wonder Stories, Nov. 1934



Notable books by authors active 1926 - 1950

Librarian's note: Four of the books listed in this box were written by women speculative fiction authors. Can you tell which ones they are?

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