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Library & Archives Grants: Grants

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library


The library advances the teaching mission and intellectual life of the College by selecting and facilitating access to information and by instructing in its use, interpretation, and evaluation.


The library will play an essential role in engaging students in critical inquiry and developing the skills and dispositions of life-long learners, prepared for lives of leadership and service in a diverse and fast-changing world. To do this, the library will support the curriculum with materials and opportunities for course-related and independent learning; will provide leadership in fostering information literacy across the curriculum; will inform the community of emerging issues in information policy and trends; and will support the intellectual and cultural life of the college by developing programs, collections, and an engaging physical and virtual space for exploration.

from Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library Website

Library and Archives Grants

The Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library and the College and Lutheran Church Archives have both received grants to support projects designed to improve service to both the Gustavus and larger community.

Grants have funded the purchase of library materials, which have allowed the library to deepen and enrich its collection, as well as archival shelving and digitization resources, which have improved accessibility and preservation of archival materials.

Library and Archives Images


Images from College and Lutheran Church Archives

College and Lutheran Church Archives


The College and Lutheran Church Archives makes available for use and study significant historical materials documenting Gustavus Adolphus College and the Lutheran Church in America.


The College and Lutheran Church Archives are located on the third floor of the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library on the campus of Gustavus Adolphus College. The office is located directly above the library's main entrance.

from College and Lutheran Church Archives Website

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