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Library & Archives Grants: Read Japan Project

The Nippon Foundation: Read Japan Project

The Read Japan program donates books about contemporary Japan to libraries around the world. Libraries can apply to receive books from the "100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan" catalogue by submitting applications to The Nippon Foundation. These 100 books, which were selected by a committee of Japanese and foreign scholars, journalists etc., cover five categories, Politics & International Relations, Economy & Business, Society & Culture, Literature and Arts, and History.

from Read Japan Website

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library requested and received 55 books from the donation catalog in Fall 2011.

Kinkaku-ji - Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Image from World Images

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, third shogun of the Ashikaga family, built Kinkaku-ji, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, as a retreat in Kyoto, Japan.

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