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A Guide to Jewish Studies: Beliefs

A guide to Jewish Studies created by Allison James '22 and Visiting Librarian Abe Nemon in 2022.

Jewish Beliefs

In this section, the core beliefs of the Jewish people are explored. Central beliefs of Judaism highlighted in this section include monotheism, God, the Torah, covenants, practices within exile, practices surrounding death and the afterlife, and philosophic practices & perspectives.

Table of Contents - Beliefs


Print Books

Specific Beliefs

God (Hashem)

The Torah (The Hebrew Bible)

Covenants (Brisim)

For more resources, see the subject headings Jews Election, Doctrine of History of doctrines and Covenants Religious aspects Judaism.

Avoiding confusion: Most Jews will understand the word bris to mean the custom of bris milah (circumcision), unless you clarify otherwise.

Exile (Galut / Golus) and Redemption (MoshiachMessiah)

Death and Afterlife

Tikkun Olam = Healing the World

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