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A Guide to Jewish Studies: Start

A guide to Jewish Studies created by Allison James '22 and Visiting Librarian Abe Nemon in 2022.

Shalom & Welcome to
A Guide to Jewish Studies

A Note from the Editors: This guide provides resources for studying Jewish religion, history, and culture. It contains seven primary sections, each with its own subpages.

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  • Identities - this section explores Jewish identity as a whole, as well as specific identities related to geographical location, denomination, and gender.
  • Beliefs - this section provides an overview of the core doctrines of the Jewish faith.
  • Customs - this section highlights Jewish customs as they relate to commandments, prayers, life-cycle events, and holidays of the Jewish calendar.
  • History - this section provides a historical account of the Jewish people throughout the ages, from its beginnings to today.
  • Literature - Jewish rabbinic literature, fiction, poetry, memoirs, and philosophical texts are compiled in this section.
  • Visual Glossary - this section displays images of traditional Judaica materials, such as menorahs, mezuzahs, and challah.
  • General Resources - this section provides encyclopedic texts and overviews for researching Judaism as a whole.

Click on a heading to explore general resources on each topic, or select a specific topic within the drop-down menu.


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