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A Guide to Jewish Studies: Life-Cycle Events

A guide to Jewish Studies created by Allison James '22 and Visiting Librarian Abe Nemon in 2022.

Life-Cycle Events

From birth, to coming-of-age, to marriage, to death, the Jewish people observe distinct markers within the life-cycle of a Jew. Each comes with its own practices and tradition, which are outlined in this section.

General Resources


These resources provide information about the process of pregnancy, birth, brit milah (circumcision), and infancy.

Circumcision = Bris Milah

Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah

These resources provide information on the two coming-of-age celebrations in Judaism, the bar mitzvah (boys) and the bat mitzvah (girls).


These resources provide information on the traditions and customs associated with Jewish marriages and intermarriages.

→ Jewish marital customs can vary; related resources can be found at the Gender and Judaism page of this guide.


Death and Burial

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