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A Guide to Jewish Studies: Enlightenment and Industrial Age

A guide to Jewish Studies created by Allison James '22 and Visiting Librarian Abe Nemon in 2022.

Judaism in the Enlightenment
and the Industrial Age

During the Industrial Age, Jews in western and central Europe fought for political rights and new movements, both secular and neo-traditional (Hasidism) emerged. Jews increasingly became urbanized and assimilated into secular society. However, Jews in Russia (and later the Soviet Union) were still forced to reside in "Pale of Settlement" and were subjected to violent pogroms, while Jews in western Europe contended with a climate of anti-semitism epitomized by events such as the Dreyfus Affair. As a result, many Jews began to seek out new refuges in the New World and in the possibility of a Jewish State.

European Jews

General Histories

Eastern Europe

Western Europe

Jews in Ottoman and Arab Lands

Jews in America


Herzl & Zionism

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