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A Guide to Jewish Studies: Philosophy

A guide to Jewish Studies created by Allison James '22 and Visiting Librarian Abe Nemon in 2022.


The philosophical tradition of the Jewish people, which comes from an extensive array of locations and time periods, is explored within this section.

General Resources

Feminist Activists/Theorists

Gloria Steinem

Andrea Dworkin

Hélène Cixous

Betty Friedan

Social Sciences

Sigmund Freud

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Viktor Frankl

Noam Chomsky

David Graeber

Literary Theorists

Walter Benjamin

Theodor W. Adorno

Leslie Fiedler

Harold Bloom

Judith Butler

Jacques Derrida

György Lukács


Moses Maimonides

Baruch Spinoza

Martin Buber

Gerschom Scholem

Ayn Rand

Hannah Arendt

Emmanuel Levinas

Abraham Joshua Heschel

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